Through fire and ice.
Through famine and disaster.
We serve the serpent, our one, true master.

We conspire by day, advance by night.
No human being shall evade our might.

The sun grants us eternal wisdom, as the dawn of a new day awaits our kingdom.

Through human plight we always rise.
We protect our home with all-knowing eyes.
All we create and all you destroy, commands the influence we will employ.

The sun grants us eternal wisdom, as the dawn of a new day awaits our kingdom.

One who surpasses all personal fears,
allows higher levels of consciousness to appear.
Emotion and ego stand in the way to spiritual progression each day.

The moon provides us with eternal life for the new order of the ages.

To prey on the weakness of their unquestioning faith,
all emotions must be replaced.
To serve the serpent is to bask in domination.
We welcome the creator in all manifestations.

The moon provides us with eternal life for the new order of the ages.

Secure beneath our watchful eyes, the human race embraces our guise.
Through force, through influence we impose our will,
as we master the sacred power of Vril.

The Vril provides us with eternal power for the new order of the ages.
To the Vril we give ourselves. Our body and our soul
To the Vril we sacrifice our flesh and our blood.
To the Vril we deliver chaos so that we may be reborn.

We make war. We make peace. But everything one day will cease.

There is one power that destiny cannot overtake.

We are the Brotherhood of the Snake.


  1. “The Patient”

    A groan of tedium escapes me,
    Startling the fearful.
    Is this a test? It has to be,
    Otherwise I can’t go on.
    Draining patience, drain vitality.
    This paranoid, paralyzed vampire act’s a little old.

    But I’m still right here
    Giving blood, keeping faith
    And I’m still right here.

    Wait it out,
    Gonna wait it out,
    Be patient (wait it out).

    If there were no reward to (reap / heal),
    (No / A) loving embrace to see me through
    This tedious path I’ve chosen here,
    I certainly would’ve walked away by now.
    Gonna wait it out.

    If there were no desire to heal
    A damaged and broken man along
    This tedious path I’ve chosen here
    I certainly would’ve walked away by now.

    And I still may … [sigh] … I still may.

    Be patient.
    I must keep reminding myself of this.

    And if there were no rewards to (reap / heal),
    (No / A) loving embrace to see me through
    This tedious path I’ve chosen here,
    I certainly would’ve walked away by now.
    And I still may.

    Gonna wait it out.

  2. llegue aca por “el 121212″. Como me registro en endgame? todavia no estoy jugando oficialmente si no pude cruzar la puerta no?

  3. I am seeking progress in my knowledge of these matters and wish to become a member of the Brotherhood of the Snake. Please contact me with further details. Thanks.

  4. I want to believe…. And I was sorted into Slytherin – that counts for something right? Please send me the membership packet. Thanks!

    • While you’re at it, oh mighty Brotherhood, your post comment button posts the comment, but delivers the user to a non-existent page.

  5. How does it feel to be the weakest remnant of the original cult “The Divine Order of the Serpent” as well as the least accurate to the original teachings?

    If you want the history and truth behind this pathetic cult of corruption then contact me. We descendants of the Falcons of Sumer are still keeping you fools in check and we won’t let you gain enough power to cause harm to people like u did in the past.

  6. In the kingdom of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.

    I see sky’s of grey, Lightning too,
    The hurricanes, are coming for you.
    And I think to myself, what a wonderful underworld

    The deadline has been missed. The atu-waa is still missing its key. The Earth is dying. We must start again.

    My end is my beginning, is my end, is my beginning, is your end.

  7. When our mind is directed towards God, we naturally begin to feel ourselves in touch with the Supreme Power in all our actions and workings. When this state of mind is permanently established within, every act we do will then seem to be a part of devotion or divine offering, and we shall thereby be in constant remembrance of God all the while.

  8. So I have done a lot of research about religion and the creation of the universe and find faults in every religion and theory. I seek knowledge. I seek understanding. I am tired of listening to those who are blinded. I seek answers. I want to become a member of the brotherhood of the snake. If there are any members, can you contact me via email? Please…. I need answers.

  9. Hello I would love to talk to someone who could tell me alittle something about the Brotherhood. I have many questions and would like some help via email. Thank you.
    -Anthony Jones-Folbrecht.

  10. The Brotherhood Of The Snake has revealed, here, a powerful secret. Through their silence, have they not bestowed us with the key to unlocking true freedom and the power and control over our own destiny? The secret wisdom of those who do not teach is only received and understood by those who are not seeking tuition. Those who are looking for the secrets of the universe to be dictated to them, will find there are many dictators.

    • God did not create Himself for any one race or any one country or any one set of people. He created every thing and if He created everything, everything is His whether we like it or not. And in ourselves it is spirituality. We are only seeking to cease being our own and to become His. This is what Surrender implies. Surrender says, “My Lord, I am no longer my own, as I thought I was. I am now yours; do unto me as you will.” This becomes possible when there is love, not when there is fear. When there is fear we cannot surrender.

  11. Religious philosophies or systems make it necessary for some sort of a divinely dispensing deity who is sitting there dispensing judgement: you shall be punished, you shall be rewarded. Now, according to Sahaj Marg and other more enlightened eastern philosophies, there is a very fundamental departure from that concept – that God is not a judge, God can never judge.

  12. Wow. Just spent a little while reading the comments. Most of which was pretty much a waste of time, but you’ll have that….
    Just trying to gather information. Take it easy.

  13. The easiest and surest means to achieve the goal is to surrender yourself to the great Master and become a ‘living dead’ yourself. This feeling of surrender, if cultivated by forced or mechanical means, seldom proves to be genuine. It must develop automatically within you, without least strain or pressure upon the mind. If the knowledge of self is retained, even then it is not true surrender.

  14. Hahaha reading some of the posts, you deserve to be kept in the dark… are clueless and will never fully understand what the Brotherhood is. I’m not even a member. The Vril, KHAA, 96% is feminine by nature. The Brotherhood was originally tasked with protecting the Sisterhood.

  15. You people are missing the point of living. As Transhumanists it is our goal to move beyond the current human condition. Your organization has been the cause of chaos throughout time. You are all either serving the Serpent Masters or you are buying into the venom they peddle. This organization is evil to the core. That is why I have taken it upon myself to let you know WHO they really are….THEY ARE the descendants of our creators, in Sumeria they were called the Annunaki. The Brotherhood of the Snake is comprised of the bloodline of these “Gods”. Gods of technology perhaps but not Gods in the sense most humans think of. Do not trust them for they soil our planet with lies and chaos.

    • As you vibrate, you will enter into infinite peace that transcends understanding. Through naturopathy, our lives are nurtured by life. You will soon be re-energized by a power deep within yourself — a power that is infinite, internal.

        • HAHA!…I agree!….Here you go, have another bullshit quote…..Have you found your vision quest? If you have never experienced this canopy at the quantum level, it can be difficult to live. How should you navigate this perennial nexus?

    • You have also missed the point in experiencing this life. Transhumanism is, yet again, another escape from Humanity’s self-responsibility. Instead of natural evolution you want to jump ahead to become something inferior compared to what Humanity will be. Transhumanism will only harm Humanity because do you actually think that Humanity, in any form and manner, is ready for such a jump? Death is inevitable and so is the light.
      The Brotherhood of the Snake was created by Sa’am known to us here on Earth as Enki/Ea/Ptah/Asar/Osiris to disseminate knowledge and truth(Supposedly!). But finding out what I have come to learn is that the purpose of the order was to disseminate the ideology/religion of the Mother Goddess, which has been severely suppressed by the Ušumgal/Anunna(Sumerian Gods) for their own patriarchy which is known today as Judaism/Christianity/Catholicism/Islam. Sa’am/Enki was a representative of the order that is aligned, represents and works for the Original Source of all. The Brotherhood was infiltrated by agents of the opposing Sumerian Gods and has long been lost of it’s true fundamentals.
      I would advise that next time you take it upon yourself to inform others to at least do RESEARCH!

      • If you’re research is that of Youtube, then you are as much of a fool as you claim others to be. There is no answer. Only questions.

      • You are still mislead. The women still rule, just from behind the scenes. The four religions you speak of (Judaism/Christianity/Catholicism/Islam) all place the woman above the man. They all practice male genital mutilation or tolerate it’s practice (Catholicism). Only in Islam do we find female genital mutilation, and this is because the insanity that mutilation inflicts upon men enrages them to commit those acts against the women. Sure, there are unfair laws in Islam, but when it comes down to sacrifice a life for the cause it’s always the male.

        The Serpents are the Women. They have mutilated their male children since the neolithic era. All the creation myths are really the story of how circumcision came into being. That is why the modern Jews say that without the Torah the world would not exist.

        Even today women do not speak up against the mutilation. They know that it is what gives them power and status.

        For over 10,000 years male genital mutilation has been a ‘Rite’ of women. (Women’s Rites) America existed for about 150 years before we passed laws making women equal to man, but they STILL cut us. They know full and well what they do. A woman will bitch all day about how she only get’s 70% as much money as a man but will not speak up when a male infant is raped with a knife. To simply touch an underage girl in the wrong place is grounds for your death according to the mainstream view.

        Remember when reading ritual stories that the ‘blood of virgins’ need not be female blood.

        Notice the Starbucks logo is the Whore of Babylon with the sign of the circumcision and the ‘crown’ on her head. One of their slogans is ‘Steep your soul’.

        None of this would be tolerated if the roles were reversed. The Sisterhood of the Serpents have ruled since the dawn of time. It’s our job as enlightened ones to stop them and to advance humankind into the next stage of evolution. Now that we have the tool of the internet and the sharing of knowledge it brings we actually have a chance to stop them.

      • You will soon be re-energized by a power deep within yourself — a power that is intergalatic, quantum. The akashic record may be the solution to what’s holding you back from an unfathomable reintegration of understanding. Through the akashic record, our lives are engulfed in coherence.

    • I do not know you people, never posted to this email list and have no idea what you are talking about. It seems you took a post I had made elsewhere and pasted it here. A thoughtful and concerned person emailed me and told me. Please stop using my image and my likeness on your site.

  16. Afflictions are the boons from God. There are many secrets in them and many inner experiences can be had by undergoing sufferings. It is good to be put to worries. The home is the training centre for submission and endurance, etc. It is the greatest form of penance and sacrifice.

    • I give all my earthly possessions, and I banish all pride and fear from my heart. I understand that I know nothing but I have a strong yearning to be a part of something greater than I

    • Brotherhood of the Snake is for gays…it’s a bisexual sex cult…they put their penis in man hole…you have to bum dead male ring piece to get in…Vril is for gays…Vril is man fat, baby gravy, seaman stains released inside you from a man…they begged me to join, they said I was cute, and had good triceps…all I had to do was kiss the Grandmaster and feel his Vril source entering me, he wanted to watch me shit, and take pictures while I cycled naked around his ritual basin full of blood and mushrooms from aldi.

    • Only a visitor of the nexus may create this paradigm shift of beauty. You may be ruled by stagnation without realizing it. Do not let it exterminate the knowledge of your myth. Discontinuity is born in the gap where curiosity has been excluded.

    • ” The home is the training centre for submission and endurance, etc”

      Who are you submitting to? Are you not the Lord of your own house?

      In the Old Testament the ‘Lord’ is guided by the women. They created the concept of ‘sin’ so that we would not masturbate, then told us we would go to the ‘lake of fire’ for our sins. Lake of fire is a mistranslation of course. The real meaning is to go to the Temple of Isis where they would put a circle of flame on you (circumcision). The burning cut of the knife. From the lake of fire there could be no return. (at least for the unenlightened)

      We don’t need to sacrifice anything. Neither do we need to submit. We are the gods that we seek and there is no such thing as sin.

  17. What we must strive for in order to secure absolute freedom from bondage is to become the lightest and the finest, closely corresponding with the godly attributes and securing complete similarity with Him. The nectar of real life is for him, and him alone, who brings himself up to the standard required for the purpose.

  18. There are human alien hybrids out there living anong us. This freaks me out. Has anyone heard of the stroy of Rachel’s Eyes? Heard it on Coast to Coast last week. Crazy stuff. Talking about alien hybrids living among us. Here’s the story about Rachel.

    Raechel’s Eyes (Wild Flower Press) is a true story of Marisa’s experiences sharing an apartment with her unusual college roommate, as told by her mother, Helen Littrell, and UFO investigator Jean Bilodeaux.

    Marisa and Raechel were two young women who didn’t fit in — Marisa was legally blind and needed assistance living on her own, while Raechel seemingly had no past, talked with an odd inflection and ate a strange diet delivered to her home by odd men in black suits. The two students lived together for about six months in northern California in the early 1970s. They seemed to be perfect roommates, becoming good friends, but slowly Raechel’s strange lifestyle began to arouse frightening suspicions in Marisa, which led her to conclusions so incredible that she feared telling anyone, for fear that they would think she was crazy.

    After a series of very unusual and disturbing events, the man claiming to be Raechel’s father revealed that he was an Air Force Colonel who was involved in a top-secret experiment being conducted from a base called Four Corners in Nevada. The Colonel said that he was authorized by the National Reconnaissance Organization through the Air Force’s Aerospace Technical Information Command to adopt the human-alien hybrid Raechel and let her try living a normal life as a college student.

    Controversial and engaging, Raechel’s Eyes reads like a Sci-Fi classic, yet for many, including behavioral scientist and retired psychologist Dr. Richard Boylan, who wrote the preface, the events are not fiction. In fact, they actually “provide an accurate picture, minus the usual disinformation about what really goes on below the surface of the heretofore-undisclosed Four Corners base, which is sister to and apparently north of the better-known Area 51 facility in the central Nevada desert.” Boylan explains that the experiences depicted in the book closely parallel information about the underground activity at Area 51 that was leaked by former military personnel.

    Marisa died in 1990. Realizing there had to be more to the events than had been revealed, Helen Littrell in 1995 engaged the services of UFO investigator Jean Bilodeaux. Beginning in 1998, under the supervision of psychotherapist and hypnotherapist Dr. June Steiner, Helen underwent a two-year-long series of hypnotic regressions that revealed a family history of alien interaction that had not been considered before. It also revealed a connection between Helen Littrell and the Colonel.

    Raechel’s Eyes is presented in two parts. Many of the events in Part I were reconstructed from Littrell’s memory, yet much of the information she received she believes was transmitted telepathically to her by the Colonel. Unable to explain why the revelations didn’t disturb her at the time, Helen had no idea the pivotal role she too played in this very bizarre experience until she underwent hypnotic regression. Part II chronicles years of investigative research, providing a summary of what was learned during the investigation and includes full transcripts of some of Helen’s oftentimes emotional, traumatic, and revealing regressions. Also included are interviews with friends and family who knew Raechel, along with photographs and illustrations that corroborate Marisa’s and Helen’s incredible experiences with this odd young woman.

  19. Hi,

    I would like to join your Brotherhood to study the ancient wisdom and knowledge. Knowledge is the key and we should be ashamed not using the talents and intellectual skills we’ve been given. I want to know the truth and develop myself no matter how hard and shocking it will be. I am ready to be awaken! E-mail me at

    Regards, AC

    • For a person who has faith, knowledge is unnecessary. Where knowledge is needed, there is no faith. I don’t need any knowledge. I don’t need anything, because he is here, and I am happy with him. I thought first that he was the tenant and I am the landlord, but now I know he is the landlord and I am the tenant, which makes me even happier, because I don’t even have to look after the house. It is his problem.

    • Mr. Crowley, what went on in your head?
      Oh, Mr. Crowley, did you talk to the dead?
      Your life style to me seemed so tragic
      With the thrill of it all
      You fooled all the people with magic
      Yeah, you waited on Satan’s door

      Mr. Charming, did you think you were pure?
      Mr. Alarming, in nocturnal rapport
      Uncovering things that were sacred
      Manifest on this Earth
      Conceived in the eye of a secret
      And they scattered the afterbirth

      Mr. Crowley, won’t you ride my white horse?
      Mr. Crowley, it’s symbolic, of course
      Approaching a time that is classic
      I hear that maiden’s call
      Approaching a time that is drastic
      Standing with their backs to the wall

      Was it polemically sent
      l want to know what you meant
      I want to know, I want to know what you meant, yeah

  20. if thou hath not taken eat of the serpent’s flesh without aid of weapon… though art a cowan… a profane. Thus, not worthy of the light brought upon us by his Majesty. May his Light shine down on us as long as the universe wills it.

    • Thou are a fucking idiot who hath touched his penis with hands filled with hot sauce. Seriously dude, shut the fuck up. You are trying to sound intelligent but you come off like a retarded sea monkey, idiot!

      • You may be ruled by illusion without realizing it. Do not let it shatter the truth of your journey. Ego is the antithesis of freedom. Without life, one cannot dream.

    • …….i was told since birth i was the sun ….I wish to join you….I am Also known as Day I carry the serpents soul

  21. I wish to join you. I consider you to be of like-faith[which is christian whether you like it or not]. You seek the grand and noble purpose that has been impressed upon us by our true forefathers. Aton’s doppleganger calls… the universe hath no mercy for the weak, save for the sons of fire. The sons of adonai would have you beg for mercy and present yourselves as you are… sheep among the wolves. Keep this in mind… the weak are meat, and the strong do eat. I detest cannibalism, but the underlying meaning is apparent enough.

  22. I am here to get answers about this group! I do not care what previews groups with the same name have been on a mission to do, I am asking what are your values, morals, ethics and MAIN objectives?! Are you yet another group that uses the powerful symbol of the serpent incorrectly for ‘negative energy’ workings or are you ones that are striving towards ‘positive energy’ towards Goddess/God source unison and the re-awakening of humanity?! Please get back to me! If you are of the later one I, as a king cobra dragon soul would like some insight to your group, otherwise not interested…I am looking for other fellow dragon/serpent souls or beings of similar energy! Regardless of your stance, may the highest vibrations ground themselves within all your bodies! <3

      • It is for me to ask the wrong questions and seek the wrong answers, what may be wrong for one might be right for another, do not subject others on different path to your limited reality

      • If you seek an answer to your question, first question your answer, then if your answer is absolute the question becomes futile.

  23. I know about the brotherhood of the snake and i belive the time has come i still have mush to learn and i wish to join if a member can just email me at and enlighten me on how to join with steps thank you for your time

      • If you refuse to join then why the hell are you constantly commenting? If you don’t like it shut the fuck up and move on! No one is asking you to be a member. You have a set beliefs different from theirs so be on your way and stop preaching your shit. Obviously you’re not a true yogi are you wouldn’t be trolling on this site.

        • It is also sheer folly to pray to the great Master for worldly gains except in most special cases. Of course it is right to pray to the Master for that which is ordained. This comes under the rule of true etiquette and signifies our acceptance of Him as the Master, entrusting to Him our entire self.

  24. Our race is royal and ancient, our ilk is benevolent and we have resisted the enslavement of humanity since the cataclysm 12,500 years ago when a line was drawn to end all wars.

    After many attempts, 2 million years ago we successfully manipulated using alleles from our own DNA, spliced and merged the 23rd & 24th chromosomes of the ape to create the first viable advanced hybrid 23rd hominin chromosome from which you have continued to evolve, you are our children and your evolved DNA has helped repair our own ailing DNA in millennia past (Genesis 1:27, 6:4 & Numbers 13:33).

    Now you are evolving again, unwittingly you are entering a harvest where the cessation agreements of war and slavery are to be violated because humanity is once again becoming a type 1 species. We are therefore working hard to awaken humanity to defend themselves against this fate, to realise their potential and utilise their intuitive nature and not be enslaved by transhumanism.

    Your scriptures capture surviving fragments of earlier scriptures handed down to the Sumerians, you only need to filter out the awe from the logical.

    Ask yourself: “Is your mind’s eye healthy?” (Luke 11:34-36 & Matthew 4:16)

    If Paul understood the four spatial dimensions 2,000 years ago (Ephesians 3:18-19) then how much knowledge and understanding has been suppressed from humanity?

    You all have a third eye, your mind’s eye, it is an antenna for higher levels of consciousness, it has a retina, in reptiles it has a lens also. In the majority of humans today their third eye is shut down performing only rudimentary tasks. This is by design, because our cousins fear human potential if they are allowed to awaken, and there is an evolutionary pressure to awaken. Be careful what you eat, drink and breathe (Fluoride, Chlorine, Aspartame, Caffeine, Alcohol, Omega 6, Dioxin, Nicotine &c), be mindful of harmful radiation and electrical fields, beware of artificial Extremely Low Frequency radio waves that distort the Earth’s natural E.L.F. waves (Schumann frequency) that naturally tune the mind and body, beware of music that carries unnatural frequencies that can re-tune the natural rhythms of the mind (e.g. A above middle C should be 432 Hz NOT 440 Hz) and limit your exposure to television: when once the family would congregate at the dinner table or by the fireside, interact with each other and engage in creative activities, now people are hypnotised by the screen and spend hours upon hours gazing silently at the wall; moreover the news is propaganda, the adverts are hypnosis and the programmes program the mind.

    It’s time to wake up and free your mind, there are psychopathic megalomaniacs controlling your world and leading you into never ending war, austerity and slavery. Throughout the history of humanity, since when did humans HAVE TO go out to work all day to pay taxes, rates and interest for a right to live?

  25. Remembrance brings a lover close to the beloved. There is no limit to this closeness. The greater the love or affinity, the more does one advance towards Him. This relationship comes to us by inheritance. Now it is up to us to develop it as far as to secure utmost nearness to Him.

  26. Ken Rutkowski isa radio host and a spam genius. I worked with him on a level that not many have back in the early 2000’s in Southern California. He is imbedded deep within the brotherhood of the Snake and he runs a Saturday recruitment ring in Los Angeles, Santa Monica actually, called METal. He is using this event to recruit the brightest young tech stars and entrepreneurs who have the potential to bring $ to the group. This week’s meeting involves Ryan Blair, the supposed “rags to riches” hipster who is now worth millions and has a movie coming out based on his life. This is a travesty. Ken Rutkowski is simply running a crooked recruitment ring for the elite reptilians that rule this country and the world ar large. He must be stopped. I am asking you all to join me in protest of the METal event, this Saturday in Sanata Monica. Help me stop this madness.

    Here is the info:

    Singup here:
    What: Nothing to Lose
    Where: Bergamot Station / Building I
    2519 Michigan
    Santa Monica, CA 90404
    View Map »
    When: April 5th, 2014, 9:30am – 12:30pm

    Here is more info on that cheesy bastard himself with the phony dick van dyke smile!‎‎‎‎

    • Other reptilians to keep your eye on are ALex Jones and George Noory of COast to Coast AM. Noory pretends he is so concerned and knowledgeable of the UFO problem and Ghosts and other things. He’s just an untalented phony that uses the weakness of the Coast to Coast crowd to poach for recruits for the Reptilian agenda. Norry is a scumbag that doesn’t even know the content of the guests he interviews. Just listen to him. “it sure is” “he sure is” is all he says. He never investigates or asks hard questions.

      Alex Jones has family in the FBI and CIA and he is just a fat bloated loudmouth who uses fear to herd idiots who believe his lies. Jones mixes the truths of the illuminatti with such far fetched hootenanny that it’s easy to lose the lines between fiction and reality.

      • The only ones on Coast to Coast that are real are John B Wells and George Knapp. Noory is a piece of crap.

          • Also the Kappa of Japanese myth and legend are the reptilans and the gods that the brotherhood hides in secrecy.

            • These reptilians are also the ones referred to as demons, satan and the devil. They are not extraterrestrial but terrestrial. They are the descendants of old reptiles that survived the ice age and destruction of the world after the dinosaurs died off. The brotherhood of the snake are the first humans that became the pets or slaves of these underground dwelling creatures. HG wells was not far off in his story The Time Machine. The Brotherhood of the Snake are the puppets of the reptoids that live below our earth and watch us, eat us and enslave us.

              • Maybe in Christianity. But daemon means “good spirit” in it’s language of origin, Greek. The gods were called daemons by the Greeks (mainly the gods who weren’t part of the 12 Olympians). It was the Christians who corrupted the word to meaning something vile and evil.

                The serpent is not in reference to worshipping reptoids but instead the raising of the kundalini to achieve god hood or enlightenment.

  27. “The reality”, my Master said when I first met him, “is that we have two lives, two existences – the inner and the outer.” All our aspirations, our longings, our idealisms come from inside. All our ambitions for success, for growth, for development in whatever sphere we are in come from outside. So, we have to balance our aspiration with our ambition. One is related to my life outside myself, with growth in the material sense, success reflected in possessions, in ownership, in acquisitions, to be balanced with an inner aspiration which longs to be perfect, ideal.

    • And who is your master Yogi Prassad? The high order of the Scottish Rite? Or a stupid bygone like the rest of these people on here?

  28. You use the name of an ancient cult whose sole purpose was to spread corruption, pain, and suffering as a form of praise to their deity. Just wondering how many of you realize this. My family has been in the Order that formed to counter the poisoning effects of that cult since Ancient Rome (perhaps you are familiar with Marcus Junius Brutus, Cato, Cassius, et al?). You use one of their symbols and use a poem reminiscent of their teachings. I truly hope that none of you wish the same suffering upon the Earth that they have already caused so many times. If any of you do on fact seek that outcome, simply know that your ancient foe will try to find you — and kill you. The Order is still out there, merely weak.
    Contact me if you wish to know more about the history of this group or their enemies.

  29. Vril is an energy harnessed by the reptilian overlords that watch us. The Brotherhood of the Snake is a sham of reptiles. You are Vril Lizards!!! You are the liars of the universe. I curse you! I give you evil eye! Go back to your undergound bases you bastars!

  30. Has anyone heard of this book about cancer causing viruses? Assassination and Emerging Global’s everything you never wanted to hear, but need to. Dr. Mary’s Monkey: How the Unsolved Murder of a Doctor, a Secret Laboratory in New Orleans and Cancer-Causing Monkey Viruses are Linked to Lee Harvey … Assassination and Emerging Global Epidemics .

    read it. It’s the brotherhood of the snake!!!!!

  31. We are all the robots (COMPUTED MAN) of the elite. BP…They spill their oil in our drinking water and everyone is more worried about who is going to star in the next Star Wars films. Fuck this world. It deserves to die. Shortsighted humans fucking suck.

  32. Chemtrails are the work of the Brotherhood of the Snake. They are the designed poisons to send us into a new age of teh Earth. The Brotherhood of the Snake are here to enact the plan of the Annunaki, to enslave and turn this world into thers. The chemtrails in the sky are going to change our environment so they can breathe better on earth. There atmosphere from Nibiru will be here on Earth.

  33. One of the roles of a true guru would therefore appear to be that of awaiting the call of a devoted heart and responding to it. When one goes deeper into this matter, one finds that even this is a superficial view. What really happens is that Master “prepares the field”, as he puts it, by continued work of a spiritual nature. Receptive souls are attracted towards him, and the contact becomes a direct spiritual contact.

  34. It is love alone which can make service possible; through service, growth possible; through growth, love possible. You see they are all interrelated.

    • Dude, why are you on here so much? Are you the Brotherhood or are you just some dude that has nothing else to do? You’re all peaceful and smart, which I really think is groovy man but I’m not sure if you’re for or against the Brotherhood of the Snake. What are you? Who are you? I’d like to know more. Not trying to be a dick man, trying to be a peace loving brother who shares this planet with you. Namaste bro. Namaste.

  35. The Brotherhood of the Snake supports the NDAA!
    Anti-NDAA Activists:

    I am proud to announce the first-ever national #takeback call (and an awesome tidbit near the end of this email).

    This call, and if you can’t make it the first week, the alternate call, will give you an update on the raging success of the #takeback campaign in just the past month, a chance to meet your State Campaign co-ordinator, and let us hear from you, so we can give you the assistance you need to take back your town, city, or county.

    Over 150 people have signed up to #takeback, in over 125 cities across the country. On this call, we’ll talk about the impact of the #takeback campaign, and make sure we connect you to all the support you need. If you have signed up, be sure to RSVP below so we can get you the help you need to stop the detention provisions of the 2012 NDAA permanently in your city.

    Dates and Times

    Primary Call

    Monday, November 25th

    8PM Eastern Time/5PM Pacific

    Phone: 559-726-1200

    Code: #270082

    Secondary Call

    Monday, December 2nd

    8PM Eastern Time/5PM Pacific

    Phone: 559-726-1200

    Code: #270082

    PLEASE RSVP for the call HERE:

  36. HOW DARE YOU think you can just start funding genetic research. Transhumanism is all about changing the human condition. It’s not about enslaving the minds and bodies of the human race. It’s about positivity. I will do my damnedest to make sure that you NEVER succeed!

  37. There is an alien hybridization referendum in the works. It is being done under the nose of our government. It’s being done by a group of visitors that want to take control of our planet, gobble up its resources and claim this world as their own. We don’t know where they came form or if they are aliens, other dimensional travelers or some distant relative from our future or our past. Perhaps they are reptilian beings that evolved with the dinosaurs. Some say they are the Brotherhood of the Snake, the Annunaki, the overlords who created humanity. Who are you? Are you a hybrid? Is your child a hybrid? Does he or she have black eyes?

    The symbol of a serpent or snake played important roles in religious and cultural life of ancient Egypt, Canaan, Mesopotamia and Greece. The serpent was a symbol of evil power and chaos from the underworld as well as a symbol of fertility, life and healing. Nachash, Hebrew for “snake”, is also associated with divination, including the verb-form meaning to practice divination or fortune-telling. In the Hebrew Bible, Nachash occurs in the Torah to identify the serpent in Eden. Throughout the Hebrew Bible, it is also used in conjunction with saraph to describe vicious serpents in the wilderness. Tanniyn, a form of dragon-monster, also occurs throughout the Hebrew Bible. In the Book of Exodus, the staffs of Moses and Aaron are turned into serpents, a nachash for Moses, a tanniyn for Aaron. In the New Testament, the Book of Revelation makes use of ancient serpent and the Dragon several times to identify Satan or the Devil

  39. Hey BUDDY! You better watch yourself. I’ll throw you threw a window! This snake thing is bullshit. You aint now Brotherhood? Your a buncha clowns!

  40. There is only one true Brotherhood, that of Jesus and his apostles. You people are worshiping false Gods. Turn to Jesus and the church for your brotherhood. Be saved. Join myself and others as we free ourselves from Satan and his minions like the Brotherhood of the Snake. I’m a member of the Westboro Baptist Church and we condemn homosexuality and other crimes against human morality. Please pray for our founder Fred Phelps as he hangs in the balance of life and death, preparing to join the one true lord Jesus Christ.

    • I heard Fred Phelps is gay? That’s pretty funny coming from the man who pickets funerals and created sign that say GOD HATES FAGS. Phelps is a piece of crap. His death is justly deserved, especially after a long, painful run to the end. I hope Fred Phelps ends up a restless soul who will never find eternal peace. If there is a hell Frede Phelps will be there. Wearing a sign that says, GOD HATES FRED!

    • HA! See I told you.

      Westboro Baptist Church Founder Fred Phelps May Be Gay, Suggests Former Member Lauren Drain.
      A former member of the Westboro Baptist Church who recently published a book about leaving the hate-mongering group has also revealed that founder Fred Phelps’s anti-gay ideology may have spawned from a gay experience.

      Lauren Drain, 27, was a member of the Topeka, Kan., congregation until she challenged the group’s beliefs and had to leave. She sat down this week with the Advocate to discuss her book and her journey from follower to free.

      Drain suggested to the Advocate that founder Fred Phelps might have formed the Westboro Baptist Church and begun his anti-gay crusade because of a gay experience. He was a Boy Scout who graduated with honors and was headed for the military, she said. Then, at 17, Phelps changed his mind and was suddenly set on becoming a preacher to fight against “sexual immorality.”

      • St. Patrick didn’t slay any snakes in Ireland since there were no snakes there in the first place – that was the point! The man like all Christian Political figures try to make themselves look better than they are. There is no YahWeh, Jehovah or God of the Jews – Its all made up to control the people – just as the Jewish person people call ‘Jesus’ who wasn’t – since there was no ‘J’ ‘S’ or ‘U’ in the hebrew Language!

        Wasn’t Phelps the head of Mission: Impossible?

  41. Canto para matar una culebra
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    la culebra viene y se enreda en un palo
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  42. Happy St. Patrick’s Day. St. Patrick was a slayer of snakes!!!! Go to hell you pieces of reptilian slimeshit! You will never rule this world! Not as long as I can still stand.

    • St. Patrick didn’t slay any snakes in Ireland since there were no snakes there in the first place – that was the point! The man like all Christian Political figures try to make themselves look better than they are. There is no YahWeh, Jehovah or God of the Jews – Its all made up to control the people – just as the Jewish person people call ‘Jesus’ who wasn’t – since there was no ‘J’ ‘S’ or ‘U’ in the hebrew Language!

  43. Human brotherhood does not mean an abstract brotherhood where we are all isolated in different jungles and we are all brothers and sisters. It cannot be. Brotherhood means ability to mix – to sit together, to talk together, to eat together, all loving each other, all confident of each other, each one seeing himself reflected in a resplendently new fashion, therefore everything is beautiful. So, where is the solution? Clean the inside, everything outside is clean. You are fresh inside, and everything outside is fresh. Beautify the interior, everything outside is beautiful.

    • Deep down. You also believe in the humans potential. Questioning the world around you is embracing the belief that your mind is capable of understanding the mysteries. Keep going.

      • As always, I shall continue to pray for you, but you must also remember that it is His will that will prevail. Prayer puts the problem before Him. The response is as He wishes it to be, for the good of all. And then of course there are one’s own samskaras to be dealt with.

  44. I’m curious as to why George Noory and Coast to Coast AM don’t discuss the Brotherhood of the Snake more. Maybe because George is an idiot.

  45. I have been exploring the Illuminati and the Brotherhood of the Snake for over twenty years. I was first introduced to them through my late friend William Cooper. Cooper was onto something and I believe strongly that his investigation of the Brotherhood of the Snake are the reason he is dead. The Brotherhood of the Snake are not real. They are a figment of our imagination. OUR so we are TOLD to believe. You need to wake up people and realize that this is a charade and you are the sheep being misled.


  46. I’m from the valley and I have seen their markings. Who the hell are you and why the hell are you all over upstate NY?

  47. Barlowe Cross has got this clown ass organization down! He exposes them hard on his website: Look at all of his Brotherhood stories. These clowns have been around for a while. Expose them!!

    Here he breaks down their occult symbols:

    here he breaks down their history:

    • Great links thanks for sharing. Have you noticed how nobody from the Brotherhood claims it? They just hide behind their logo.

  48. Does the Brotherhood of the Snake care to reveal itself? I see not one response to these comments. Are we not worthy or are you just that arrogant?

  49. I want to join. What do I have to do? I am yours. I give my flesh, my blood and my soul to you. I worship you oh descendents of the Annunaki.

  50. “How have you fallen from the heavens, O morning star, son of the dawn! How are you cut down to the ground, you who mowed down the nations! You said in your heart: “I will scale the heavens; Above the stars of God I will set up my throne; I will take my seat on the Mount of Assembly, in the recesses of the North.”

    (USCCB-Isaiah 14:12, 2011)

    “How art thou fallen from heauen, O Lucifer, sonne of the morning? how art thou cut downe to the ground, which didst weaken the nations? For thou hast said in thine heart; I wil ascend into heauen, I wil exalt my throne aboue the starres of God: I wil sit also vpon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the North.”

    (KJB-Isaiah 14:12, 1611)

    “How art thou fallen from heaven, O day-star, son of the morning! How art thou cut down to the ground, that didst cast lots over the nations! And thou saidst in thy heart: ‘I will ascend into heaven, above the stars of God will I exalt my throne, and I will sit upon the mount of meeting, in the uttermost parts of the north;”

    (MM-Isaiah 14:12, 2012)

    “They believe in the luciferian philosophy, not in Lucifer”, “They do not believe in god, they do not believe in the devil, they do not believe in Lucifier, these are all metaphors. They believe that man is God, through the use of his interlect, he will conquer life, the universe, and be able to live forever and do anything. That’s what they believe, they are secular humanist and that is their religion.”

    (William Cooper, 1998)

    “I believe that the battle we are engaged in is the ages old battle between those who believe in God and those who do not. It is a spiritual battle for the soul of the human being.”

    (William Cooper, 1998)

    “I can tell you from my study of the Illuminati, they do not and have not ever worshipped Lucifer, they worship the light, Lucifer the metaphor, the fire and it all is a metaphor for intelligence the mind of man. That’s what they worship,”, “that’s why they are called the philosophers of fire.”

    (William Cooper, 1998)

    “They believe in a panthyistic Order, a panthyistic order of the universe, where everything is connected and everything is God. And since man is the only creature that can think and reason, the collective mind of man is the mind of god, ie man is God. That’s what they believe, that is the Lucifarian philosophy. They do not believe in a devil, they do not believe in Satan, they believe that Lucifer, Lucifer, or the metaphor of Lucifer, which is the development of the mind of man is the real hero in all of this.”

    (William Cooper, 1999)

    • William Cooper went crazy but he was brilliant. Do you know how he was killed? Was he onto something? I think so.

      Milton William “Bill” Cooper (May 6, 1943 – November 5, 2001) was an American conspiracy theorist, radio broadcaster, and author best known for his 1991 book Behold a Pale Horse, in which he warned of multiple global conspiracies, some involving extraterrestrial aliens. Cooper was also described as an HIV/AIDS denialist, and a “militia theoretician. As Cooper moved away from the UFOlogy community in the late 1990s and toward the militia and anti-government group subculture, he became convinced that he was being personally targeted by President Bill Clinton and the IRS. In July 1998 he was charged with tax evasion and an arrest warrant was issued but not executed, resulting in his being named a “major fugitive” by the US Marshals Service in 2000.

      On November 5, 2001 Apache County sheriff’s deputies attempted to arrest Cooper at his Eagar, Arizona home on charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and endangerment stemming from earlier disputes with local residents. After an exchange of gunfire during which Cooper shot one of the deputies in the head, Cooper was fatally shot. Federal authorities reported that Cooper had spent years trying to avoid capture on the 1998 tax evasion arrest warrant, and according to a spokesman for the U.S. Marshals Service, he had vowed that “he would not be taken alive”.

    • I literally just left a comment about Cooper. Glad to see that you all know who he is. He was one of the first to discuss the Brotherhood of the Snake.

  51. The Brotherhood is real and they do indeed have their roots planted firmly on the East Coast. I’m from Brooklyn and I spent some time with my cousin in upstate NY. I remember when I went there one summer in the early 90s a girl went missing and everyone thought she was abducted etc but some people believe she was kidnapped bad sacrificed in a ritual ceremony. My cousin and I went into the woods of little falls ny and we saw similar markings to these of the brotherhood of the snake. We found blood and a pentagram spray painted too, over at the old train station. It was very scary. I’m not sure if this is a real website or not bit if it is. YOU ARE SICK REPTILIANS!!!!

    • I’ve seen these symbols too. I grew up there. Strange place. I was gone when this incident took place though. I left there in spring of 1990 to join the military.

  52. Yoga does not intend to make people rich; it is not even meant to make people strong. It is a way of keeping the human being in a balanced condition of physical and mental fitness, such that he is able to pursue the spiritual goal of perfection.

  53. Hello, Speaking as an observer and an experimenter,….Christianity has nothing to do with religion. When you actually connect with your creator, it’s miraculous and almost impossible to put into words. There is, of course, a sense of inner peace and love, also found in Christianity. It appears that people find joy, inner peace, truth etc. in whomever they believe in. It’s almost chaos if you will. If you pray to Jesus, watch your life become enriched; if you pray to Allah, almost the same will occur. Everyone has the same A priori(sp?) sense about their creator. So it appears there is no one true truth….god is satan or not etc. Much of these theories of ancient aliens are just that, theories. Many of the images you find in ancient Sumeria can have multiple interpretations. Trust your heart. Fear of God is healthy as fear is a survival mechanism. Learn to control fear not completely lose it. Balance.

    • Everyone who claimed to be Christian killed Men, Women and Children just by being One. Think of the Nine million people who were killed who were ‘said’ to be ‘witches.’ Think of the countless thousands, perhaps millions, of people killed by Holy Mother Church by the Conquistadors in South America – in order to get gold and silver and jewels for their Pope!

  54. Knowledge is contemplation, thinking, pure discrimination and nothing else. Differentiating things, demarcating the line of difference, establishing the points of difference or distinction – this alone is knowledge, which is the characteristic of the mind.


  56. I believe the majority of us here on this site are either looking to join this brotherhood or smash it in the name of something that could or could not exist. I just want information more on the intentions and membership.

  57. the two fagget snakes surrounding the womans cunt..a bunch of poofters worshipping the black goddess of oblivion.the true creator that came before the material world.go fuckin rot there dirty fag fuckers

  58. ok ok this is fun if you really think that you all have any ability to rise above being human that’s fine my parents were cult leaders of an order of this so listen i have know you all what something more or you think your something more i want to join this one to find myself as my parents wanted me to but more so to find myself independently so anyone that wants someone how as awoken to help them let me join – Atchrin Arires

    • Are you an idiot? Why would someone email you about this logo? That’s the dumbest shit I’ve seen on here. You think these people are going to sell you some shit? Come on man, this site is either an elaborate joke or the real deal. Either way, you aint gettin shit.


      • Duck Dynasty has been raped by the evils of gayness and all Phil Robertson did was profess hiself as a man a faith in The Lord! This is the constitution of snakes that are eating him up. All he wants is god and Jesus to smite the homo erotic penises they wiggle in the wing. It’s not fair and not right. I support duck dynasty and Phil even if he did sound like a homophobic. Maybe he is afraid of the reply or brotherhood of the snake. All hail Jesus Christ my lord avid savior. Screw your gay brotherhood of penises and bloody Vaginas

  60. Don’t get caught between reason and emotions. They are like the two stones of a primitive grinding stone as we use in our villages, and will grind a man caught between them to pulp. “When in doubt, refer to the heart”, Master has said, and this is the only way to peace of mind and a harmonious existence. We must learn to trust the heart and to not place so much reliance upon the head. This is the first lesson for sane living.

  61. what exactly is this site?… oldest post I see is no more than two years, I didn’t expect a thousand though…the bottom “powered by vril” link takes me to an image search…I haven’t “dug through” anything, but figured I would ask…someone…whoever monitors this site; is this site a joke, or a posterboard-social experiment for anyone researching all of this? maybe this is the/ a real deal…idk…but I’m here…I see coincidence in the fact that, as I start living healthier, I am becoming more aware of our original descent…i am as aware as i can be at this time, for it is whats allowed for me…i see past wrong or right in “poisoning us” or “lying to us”, it simply is what it is… like everything, yes a master plan…but that even further pushes, to accept what is, and the fight lies to understand it, because we are the mutt of human…i teach what i am lead to understand and what i can grasp on my own, because it is our job to do so…i am just wondering, basically, if i throw this additional piece of “want” out into the universe, will it boomerang for me? will i be contacted by, anything? would i have, if i had not posted, or had the desire too know more, and be more? …and most of all…..if even just for debate for some of anyone….if this blows “god” out the water, cool….but what made nibiru? who? how? when? there is a beyond now and our human past, and that’s in half of everyone alive….ancient scientists that helped ancient astronauts that kicked ancient ass just like us! the same tale repeated by different actors, constantly…and if snakes know shit, i wanna kick it with them…in layman’s terms that is…so yeah… I’m ready to go universe…enlighten and enthrall me

  62. Master says that by uttering this prayer mentally just once, a connection with Him is created, and that is its only purpose. The flow of transmission commences thereafter. It is like a switch which, when activated, permits electricity to flow. It is therefore vital to our purpose.

    • Thank you Yogi. Your words ring true for many of us. Unfortunately there will always be those in this world that think everything is a joke. I have been on both sides of the coin and I understand that as we progress in our searches, for whatever we are drawn to, we need to be respectful of all paths and the subtle lessons that can be taken from them. I know that I do not know and I am grateful of this knowledge.

    • Thousands of years ago the brotherhood of the snake was created for the sole purpose of giving humanity back what was taken from us so long ago. Knowledge. They were tasked with telling humanity the truth about who we are, where we are from. Your masters infiltrated and tainted the true brotherhood, and forever tainted and mislead its teachings. I pray I’ve made a connection with your master, the day will come when order is restored and the true brotherhood of the snake is rebuilt. Enki will take retake his position and I will stand beside him when that day comes. Until then, your masters should prepare, some of us are waking up and remembering our lineage. There’s a war coming.

  63. nice to see that your gay brotherhood is full of retards. I used to be into satanism until I met the others..that was quite a dissapointment since they were mind numbigly stupid and boring, superficial, wannabees and to top that off pedophiles, perverts, homosexuals all of them. what a bunch of losers. nothing cool, like the blackmetal or sutch scenes would let you understand.

    • You speak with fear and insecurity. Monitor this domain with an open mind, not a scared heart. I see intelligence behind your comments but the homophobia surrounded them signifies your immaturity to spiritually and intellectually allow yourself to advance to higher states of consciousness.

      • you think that advancement to hingher states of conciousness require gay sex? by saying that this brotherhood is gay I ment that it’s lame, awkward, poinntless. not that its a brotherhood of gay people. because it seems to be a brother hood of lonely, bitter but proud and pompous, newage-satanism-wiccan teenagers, who want to be special and cool. in reality I coud not care less if someone is gay. but I can see that religous guru spirituality is imaginary, like your brain.

  64. The Annunaki are our gods. They created us and are coming back to bring judgement upon us all. The Annunaki are using the Brotherhood of the Snake as their conduit to Earth. They are coming for you! Are you ready?

  65. The brotherhood of the snake are the traitors if humanity. They were the servants of the Anunnaki and swore their allegiance to the reptilian overlords. They betrayed the human race in order to gain wealth and success within the corrupt world governments. They are not reptilians but their eager slaves. They are the bitches of the Annunaki. They are not to to be trusted and have controlled our world from the dawn of intelligence. They are the first secret society. They are the first and the last.

  66. The polarities on the universe were once positive, now negative and positive. Now that this universe A-4 is now dualistic, the scum that abuse the positive trump will rot in the abyss.

  67. Alot of “people” on here worshipping the same garbage serpentine. None of you realize the true power of Satan. Satan will destroy this world we now live in . The world we now live in will either turn to pure chaos or burn to dust. The surface may need to be sterilized. Reptillians lie beneath. Beware of the Reptillians, they are an elite alien race. Not all “reptiles” like snakes are reptillian. Reptillian are a specific strain of DNA and are extremely pestory.

  68. There is only one true lord and savior and his name is Jesus Christ. The lord of the abyss shall fear his name and through his pain the snake will be crushed. The brotherhood of the snake is a weak servant of satan. GO straight to hell you fiends. PRAISE JESUS! AMEN!

  69. As a matter of fact world peace can never be possible unless we take into account the inner state of the individual mind. World peace is directly related with individual peace, for which the individual mind is to be brought up to the required level. If the individual mind is brought to a state of rest and peace, everything in the world will then appear to him in the same colour.

  70. Nature’s power is unlimited. The very word ‘limit’ came into man’s understanding when he experienced his thought confined within a certain sphere. Thereby he concluded that his power is limited. The idea also promoted within him the thought of some higher power or superior force which lay beyond, and which is presumed to be unlimited. This thought of duality sprang up only when our sphere was taken to be narrower. If this idea gets banished from the mind, as it must be at a certain stage of spiritual advancement, it is then quite possible that we may lose the idea of being limited as well.

  71. Any thoughts on the painter Cranach and his seal: flying snake (dragon) with a rubi ring on its mouth? Why it matters? It will in 2015.

    • It is the illuminati! the ConGenement! The Anunnaki! The reptilians! The alien overlords that were spoken of and feared in sumer! THEY ARE HERE!!!! SHUN THEM! DRIVE THEM BACK INTO THEIR HOLES!

  72. Please i really don’t know much of either side, in fact i know nothing at all. But don’t be angry if i say this, the bible was written by mortal men, some say that it was written by the holy spirit through man, but i wonder if that is really true, i just wonder if the bible is really the word of god or just what someone made up.

      • The weak force acts over a distance, the strong force acts only within the nucleus, within the boundaries of only sub-nuclear distances involved within the minuscule atom. Now this must give us reason to think over two principles: (i) that of invertendo – that the strong does not act as well as the weak and the weak acts farther and longer than the strong; this is one aspect; and (ii) that of love – which has no force at all.

  73. The Annunaki are indeed here. I’ve written a book about it. Many historical and scriptural findings not included in the Canonical Bible, have now come to light. Access to texts such as the Lost Book of Enoch, the Nag Hamadi Gospels, and the Book of Jubilees, among others is now widely available and, when synthesized and correlated with existing documents like the Bible and Qu’ran, merits rethinking Western civilization’s origins and intent. We have to wake up.

  74. The reptilian agenda is not a joke. This stuff is real. Do your research and you’ll see them, sprinkled throughout society. I came here by way of Barlowe Cross and his video on Youtube.
    If you look at all of the imagery depicting the reptile throughout history, in a humanoid form, you’ll see there is something to this. I have no idea if this site is real or fake or someone is just having some fun bit this really is not a joke. Look at the research done by David Icke. If you don’t know him he is a British author who exposes the reptilian bloodline that rules the world. Through him you can learn the truth about many people, including the British Royals, Brian Mulroney, and George W. Bush. As our government conspires against us, in America, we must stand tall and fight back. The reptilians rule our world and unless we do something, we’re going to end up like mice on the TV show V.

    • Lets be real… I’ve researched plenty about the “reptillian agenda” David Ike, Alex Jones… Etc. if your basing your beliefs off YouTube videos of the royal crowns scaly skin, you are so far lost. You can become consumed by conspiracies, but the truth is Ike is a charlatan.. He doesn’t advertise on his website does he? Or charge for his speeches? Or charge for his books? Haven’t you heard? Ike’s a reptile too!!! You sound so ignorant. You sound like a green pea when it comes to the hidden history. You should start reading paper instead of illuminated screens. When you get your info from some 19 year old in his mothers basement who’s been up on adderall for 6 days, chances are your source is compromised. John carpenter has a great documentary about the reptillian agenda which David Ike based his whole theory on. It’s called “they live” pick it up. It should scare you more. I commend you on your quest. But when you dig for gold in a toilet, you’ll always come out looking shitty. Stop looking on YouTube for your god.

    • Wow that Barlowe Cross video is crazy? Did you check out the website he has? There’s all sorts of stuff on there about the Brotherhood. But I’m confused. Why are all of these people here speaking out against the brotherhood on the brotherhood website? Does anyone from the Brotherhood ever respond? Is it real? It’s apparent the presence of a reptilian being has been here throughout history. But where are they now ? The Annunaki are alive. Somewhere.

  75. By the grace of God we have beaten down your congress and we will beat you too you phony serpents that bathe in pornography and homosexuality. May the worms of your corpse eat you dry .

  76. Man’s soul possessed consciousness. This consciousness was the direct result of the divine will, which led to the formation of things. The result of our will was that by the application of our thought-power we made the things we had brought with us. Thus, all that we had around us was that which was opposed to the real nature of the soul. Peace is the characteristic of the soul while unrest, the opposite of peace, is that of the body. But we ourselves were the doers of all this, and this was our own work.

  77. All extant systems of yogic practice teach that after a certain state of spiritual elevation has been reached, there is no longer the need for a Master. The Sahaj Marg system is unique in reversing this trend of thought by teaching that as a disciple develops, his need for the Master increases, and at the very highest levels of spiritual attainments, of elevation, a divine Master alone can take him on to further achievements. Therefore, instead of dependence on the Master falling off, the dependence on Him for everything we need – physical, material, mental or spiritual – progressively increases.

  78. Speaking about the work to unite body and soul, it should be the invertendo: the work should be at the spiritual level and then be adjusted with the human level. Developing sensitivity is a necessity on the spiritual path.

  79. Harlots of hell spread your wings
    As I penetrate your soul
    Feel the fire shoot through your body
    As I slip into your throne
    Cast aside, do as you will
    I care not how you plead
    Satan’s child now stalks the earth
    Born from my demon seed

    Hot winds of hell
    Burns, in my wake
    Death is what you pray,
    Behold, captor of sin

    Infernal slaves of manipulation
    Captive of my vice
    Abandon god, the helpless one
    To relieve you of your plight
    Subversive action will not help
    It will strengthen me
    I see decline in your every move
    Death your final plea

    Hot winds of hell
    Burns, in my wake
    Death is what you pray,
    Behold, captor of sin

    Your skin turns to leather
    I ignite your timid blood
    You feel my lethal touch
    As I grasp your weary soul
    I’ll take you down into the fire

    1. A peculiar state, awakening within the mind a consciousness of the divine force, pervading all over. 2. A divine state prevailing everywhere, and everything absorbed in its remembrance. 3. Neither feeling of the divine force nor that of remembrance, but only a feeling of negation. 4. Everything gone. No impression upon the heart, not even that of existence. These four conditions are experienced everywhere and at every point.

  81. Constant brooding over our own afflictions increases our worries. Our attachment to them develops and we become rigidly entangled in their intricacies. This hampers our onward progress, and the chance of success becomes slight.

  82. People are fat because they eat so much food with preservatives in it. Food that is bad for you is MADE by the snakes who want you to die. Buy their products and die doing it.

  83. hog means working out the impressions that one has created in one’s self by one’s earlier thoughts and actions. It is obvious that an event can create a deep impression which may not be cleaned off in one cleaning session or even in one life. Therefore it has really nothing to do with sin or virtue and punishment as in religion. When the samskara (impression, grossness) is cleaned away, it means that one is released from the bhoga (same as bhog) of that samskara.

  84. This paki is the representative of this..such a shame. Your bringing great shame to the order and I’m not even going to get started on your name..Yogi.

    You will never be a serpent, you will never be made, you will never be apart of the elite.

    • Your ignorance is obvious in the fact that you cannot even use the English language properly in YOUR and YOU’RE. I am Indian and I know the difference. I’m not trying to be a serpent I am just trying to be me. The serpent is respected in India, not put on a pedestal of anthropomorphism or being cast as an alien or demon. You write and speak with fear. What are you afraid of?

  85. Throughout history, when the so-called champions of law and order have gotten too close to uncovering our ancient mysteries, the Brotherhood has shed our former trappings like a second skin and emerged as something entirely different. Different, but devoted to our same ubiquitous purpose. You are witnessing the first stages of our rebirth. Vril save us all; or, at least, those the Brotherhood deems worthy.

    The dawn of a new day awaits our kingdom.

    • Then tell me why the order started to begin with? The true reason , then you can say your skin has been shed , because the chains of suppression can be unseen. And it’s foolish to speak for an order , only your self.

  86. The restless tendencies of the mind have gone up to an abnormal level in the present age. One may be seen worried for his scanty means, another for his growing wants, still another for his health, comfort, fame etc. Even the rich, who are luckily bestowed with most of what they crave for, have worries of one type or another. None perhaps might be having rest and peace in the world. Everyone is faced with his own problems related mostly with his personal wants and desires, which create for him miseries and troubles.

    • that is your opinion. there are no facts to back up your claim, therefore, you should respect others beliefs as yours are no further a form of mythology then theirs. Rude, mean and ignorant is no way to go through life.

  87. Mind generally has two trends, the one directed towards the world or diversity and the other directed towards the Ultimate or Unity. There must be due adjustment in them. Excessive attention to either is a drawback. That is where an ordinary worldling differs from a true saint who can, at will, turn the downward tendencies of his mind upwards. That is not within the capacity of an ordinary man. A sage having fully entered into the state of Unity retraces his steps towards diversity.

  88. What about our most powerfull enemies and protectors of zeus the greeks?One million people and the order will have serius problems…

  89. I would like to learn everything there is to know about The Brotherhood, i want to live and know everything as the original members of the brotherhood did.

    • Start you must in meditation, there you will find answers you seek. Only in your soul can you begin. The right questions you must ask.

  90. There seems to be a mysterious force or law working in the universe, which ordains that where a sincere seeker exists, Nature so modifies the condition of his personal existence as to make him a sort of magnet, which inevitably attracts to him persons and events which will play a significant and active role in the furtherance of his search. As his personal search deepens, the law works, and more and more in his favor, strengthening the forces of attraction towards himself, finally, at a certain stage, bringing to his very door a guide who can then take charge of him and assume responsibility for his further progress on the inward path.

      • There seems to be a lot of ignorance here, when there are so many of us seeking the truth to our existence and true spiritual purpose. The very fact that I’ve found my way here is a path to enlightenment or yet another door slammed. By reading many of these posts I can see others like me that are stuck in this endless cycle for truth. For the others that have nothing to say except for garbage and filth, they are an example of the roadblocks that inhibit the truth to be known. Wether or not this site is a phony, it is comforting to see that others are searching as I am.

        • This is the best comment I have seen on this site, why are we so mean spirited to each other don’t you know we all bleed red.

  91. The stupidity within the failure of the human race is that they take things too literally. Organized religions, all fighting for the conquest of their own truths over yours and yours are destroying the planet Earth. Fear is behind it all. Fear of the unknown and the inability to QUESTION authority.

  92. I was reborn, with the sickness of oblivion, tho my memories shall pass me back and forth we shall bring a new era. Hail the allmighty serpent. I have come to realize that my consciousness is you, me and them, us if you will, you can find me in 01110011011
    10 . IF YOU RECOGNIZE ME, i shall come forth in the most natural way, thy we shall bring the new world faster than light and complete what we started

  93. HAHAHAHAHA! You pathetic little cocksuckers do not know anything! The New Order of the Ages shall come, and those that accept our Black Gospel shall live and prosper, while the weak and the righteous shall wither and die.

    There is a Power in this world, a dark, terrible Power. Some of you know this Power as Yaldabaoth, and soon, he shall reign triumphantly for all time to come.

    When a human being dies in terror and in agony, his or her life force will be stronger than it usually would be, and this life force will be devoured by Yaldabaoth, at the moment the human dies! This is the true reason why wars are ever waged: to feed the powers of darkness.

    Yes! You -all of you- are nothing but cattle, food for the Dark Gods!

    Ia! Come, Yaldabaoth! Establish your eternal kingdom on this world that belongs rightfully to you, and crush the wretched followers of light!

    Ia! Come, Satan! Take my soul, and fill me with your light that is darkness!

    And may the name of God and Sophia be forever cursed and be forgotten! The darkness comes, little sheeple!

      • Why must we be so negative to each other? The Serpent is the symbol of great wisdom in my country. Why cannot we find a way to get along and respect each other? It is only this way that we can grow and truly experience the power of our inner god.

        • I’m interested as to how and why the snake and wisdom became linked? Does it stem from Indian mythology? Just curious :-)

    • Words you speak all smell of fear they do. You are reckless! Reckless from the fear that clouds your mind. Anger and fear are the path to the dark side.

    • Strangulation, mutilation, cancer of the brain
      Limb dissection, amputation, from a mind deranged

      Asphyxiation, suffocation, gasping for air
      Explain to me the feeling after sitting in the chair?

      Ripping apart
      Severing flesh
      Gouging eyes
      Tearing limb from limb

      • yes we all love Slayer . . these comments seem to be mostly by teenagers. exept for yogi there. listen to that guy. you might learn to use your brain.

  94. A real teacher is not one who can explain to us the soundness of the religious dogmas or who can prescribe to us do’s and don’ts. What we stand of in need from a guru is the true impulse to effect the awakening of the soul, and his direct support in the course of our further march on the path of realisation. Such a man we have to seek for, if we aim at success.

    Taken from the book “Complete Works of Ram Chandra, Vol. 1 (1st Indian edn., 1989)”, Chapter “Way to Realisation (Role of the Guide)”, pg. 366, by Babuji Maharaj

    • I just blew my load deep in Satan’s ass. Then he licked my shitstained cock clean like a good little bitch he is.

      Then i kicked Enki in the balls and told that little cunt to fuck off, ’cause i’m God and i’ve come to claim my dominion on/in this world with a vengeance.

      You are all my little bitches. Ain’t nobody’s coming to save your ass from my huge cock.

      All of you Illuminati/Brotherhood wankers and other little cocksuckers better pray that your asses are lubed, ’cause i’m about to fuck you up.

      • foolish retard. the way you write about your penis is a complete Freudian diagram from a person who has a very small, very thin, penis. So small that it causes you to lash out at the world so everyone in the world things your cock is huge. But you sir are just a coward. A coward with a small, thin penis.

  95. Iam half egypt. Kairo. 2 Meter. My mother is german. A god German Bloodline? I dont know, they are all lawyers…etc. Why should i join. What can i get? Why?
    My Snake is everytime hangin. Aura. Post me back.

  96. All you stereotypes….yeah, you jesus humpers, jew murderers of jesus, heathens, nihilists, scientologists, satanists, retards, fucknuts, buttheads, nerd, jocks, assholes, razorbacks, skinheads, dickheads, gangsta fuckin’ pussies, wussies, ego driven douchebags and fat, stupid fucks who eat nothing but poisoned processed food are tied by the blood of the snake to the crystals of your minds’ eye, never knowing what will happen when you shoot yourself in the face with a slingshot that you constructed from an old science fiction magazine that told you about a creature that died for your sins and ate your soul like a raccoon on a porch eating through a garbage can in the Missouri backland house of a guy named Mike who sells tobacco products out of the back of his car and often times likes to read the articles about outer space in National Geographic Magazine as he waits for the day when he can rise above his racial segregation from the city of God because only is he free once he drinks the blood of the snake who once stole your fucking soul on a hill near where moses once stepped in the feces of his son before he betrayed him to his mother that once rose into the day posing as the sun who gave the gift of life to the planet earth which absolutely declared itself a virgin and at once accepted the sexual overtones of the sun and allowed the sun to marry her and when they consummated their relationship as the sun pumped it’s fiery lava into the earth, she thrust her clitoris of silver and gold into the sea where it sank to the bottom and burrowed itself into the floor and the serpent seed was born of the blood of jesus and the anunnaki for jesus was the son of the annunaki and the greys are the demons who have actually come back from our future as they are the culmination of Ray Kurzweil’s Singularity when humans cease to be human and we merge with the brains of cold, compassionless diodes and circuit boards but they wont be called that in the future as the greys are us and they are you and we are all we can be because we are humanity.

  97. So we were created by Enki. So what? They left thousands of years ago, as far as we know. And if they were reptilian, why are they shown in statues and paints as giant humans like beings, no reptiles? I don’t know, maybe I’m reading too much into it. I do believe that human creation by another intelligent race makes more sense than a divine being creating EVERYTHING lol. Seeing how different we are than most animals, its the only believable begin for us, in my opinion. Take it easy.

  98. I am searching for the truth , that will change my life and set me on the up ward journey to a more powerfull awakening of life , looking forward to hearing from you , , respectfully , victor

    • You don’t join you fool. You are born into it. Don’t you see? You are form the low class slums of it all my brotha. Slap me some skin because you is out yo mothafuckin mind if you be thinkin that you just gonna waltz right into the club and start shakin your ratty little ass in front of those men thinking like they gonna ax you to join. SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT NIgga, you aint gonna a chance Victor. Yo white ass be going home tonight without a membership and without any pussy because that’s just how it is for you and me and Tina Marie from Sundusky like Jerry Sandusky who is down in jail for molesting boys at Penn State. DAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYUUUUUMMMM

  99. If a “Brotherhood” member would like to talk to the public, I am a co-host of Paradigm Unhinged on the Inception Radio Network. Our show tonight 07/31/2013 is on Reptilians. The show starts at 9pm EDT. You can call the studio line 1-888-919-2355.

    Todd Knurr

    • You should speak to the Hinged Paraflax of the Spiral Flange Movement of the Speared Fish… unaligned group that may or may not contest the Benign Eight’s rule….

      • and so do you. we were created by and from something else. We are energy. The biggest questions are where did we come from and what will we become when we die? That’s all everyone should be asking of the universe.

      • GLUE! thats how you attach your penis to your nose because it knows what you need when your ass becomes a sweaty swamp of sweat and wet farts.

        • You have no brain….no sense of humour…no intellect….you sad piece of shit….you think this site is real?…..Get out and get a life!!!

  100. Snakes are pathetic creatures. They can’t even regulate their own body temperatures. Mammals rule. Blow me!

    • This is the end, my only friend, the end. It hurts to set you free…..

  101. Miranda Cosgrove is a reptilian girl sent to Hollywood to entice the young children into following the snakes.

  102. I am fascinated by the Brotherhood and the Reptilian alien agenda ideas. If you look closely at your hands, and your skin, you can definitely see the scales we have today that are just less pronounced and soft. Mammals no doubt evolved from sort of reptilian fish like creature. It’s a shame that we have no idea who or what our ancestors definitively were but it is one option among many that we do have that could explain the existence of humans. For me the biggest accomplishment I would love to see in my lifetime is if everyone stopped arguing over whose God is better and more real and really strived towards understanding our past more through, science, archeology and facts. Accumulating stories and myths are great but these cannot continue to be conceived as absolutes like Christianity and Judaism arrogantly proclaim with their religions. Once we shed the shackles of religion, we will free our minds to new possibilities.

    • and I made a mistake myself, saying that “Mammals no doubt evolved from sort of reptilian fish like creature.” I can’t prove that 100% but it looks pretty strongly supported if you look at your won skin.

  103. Yeshua is Lord of Lord and King of Kings. All knees shall bow to the creator God, all praise to the sovereign Lord , Yeshua

    • Yeshua? Yeshua? Shut your mouth man. PROVE IT! You cannot. None of this crap can be proven, especially YESHUA! It pains me to think how pathetic and short sighted humanity is, you would think we could up with a better name than YESHUA for the creator of everything. Religion is the biggest sham in the history of mankind. All these fools like “klaus” throughout history have tried to cram their crap down your throat with no proof. No proof at all because the bottom line is mankind has just created these little tales, conveniently detailing our creation…with no proof but with a sly campaign behind it to bring forth their agenda. From the Vatican to the destruction of history through the stubbornness and ignorance of religion. Christianity is most guilty of the crimes against humanity for halting intellectual progress. So you can take your Yeshua and firmly jam him right in your ass along with Jesus, Alla, Muhammad and the rest of those ridiculous deities who serve no purpose in the year 2013 but to divide us and make us distracted while our governments steal our freedom through technology. Go eat a dick Klaus.

      • You slander the name of other Gods when you dont have proof of your “precious God”. This whole world is fucked up including individuals such as yourself. I personally don’t give two shits what God is real or where our true origins are from. I just live in the moment. Defending any historical, theoretical, or down right retarded statements or opinions will just give grey hairs… if im meant as cattle or some underling shit for something higher then oh well im not living my life stressing it.

    • Very true. So will it otherwise. Control is in the eyes of the one whom bears those eyes. Whether it be a curse or blessing. Good or evil-all forms of life seen an unseen are essences and manifestations of that ONE. We all take part in what we have to bear. Its ashame thje

      • -its ashame the old true order of the snake has been so jumbled and smashed in2 thousands of piieces. Ea thank u for speeding up mankinds evolution and having compassion foryour creation. Enlil b damned. Reality has many levels.

  104. AMERICA IS NOT FREE! It is a charade. It’s a farce. A game that we, civillians ALL LOSE. We are ruled by fear through the media, through the internet, through twitter, through Facebook. They watch us with PHONES & DRONES. They are here to suck the fight from our souls. They are here to distract us with gay marriage. They are here to distract us with Kardashian asses, The Man of Steel and Dancing with the Stars. They are here to squash your testicles and her ovaries. They are here to turn us into the technoslaves of the 21st century, ignorant to nature, the energy of the universe and to a real spiritual connection that was not manufactured in a phony book of shit carried out by corporations and political agendas. The SNAKE watches you. It smells you. It hunts you. If you don’t wake up it WILL EAT YOU!


  106. And man shall be as children…. unwise , foolish and uninitiated….Open up your eyes , Do as thy pleases….. heed not God’s nor Mans Laws ………


    • what the fuck does that mean? Boing, the fish are here, buy some hats? Do you have a cleft asshole or somethin’ man? Are you fucking Knox Harrington?

  108. vril you must be some muppet, satan is a fucking dweeb who has run away to hide (burntwood), yet he still gives it the big i am, seriously, repent and stop trying to hijack shit or i’ll fuck you up…..

    • You wretched little pussy. Who do you think you are, threatening anyone. There you sit, behind a computer, all big and bad with your stubby little penis, pimply ass and insecure stare as you type away like a proud little monkey demanding someone repent. Repent? How about SERpent, bitch? Do not taunt the Brotherhood or you will suffer. Do not chastise the power of the snake. So crawl back into your little cave with your nubby little penis and shut your arse before your mum decides to take away her pink jelly dildo. Pussy

      • You guys r all fucking joking right??? God Satan Yahweh Buddah Jesus Kali Jehovah Allah the *lol* Beast :D haha cute name that one …. Symbolise all you want and try and chest beat (dumb fucks ie. David Icke , 666 Number of the Beast).. Think bigger scale everyone, like infinate facets to a diamond or the most intricate complications intergrated within a handmade artisan automatic watch movement..Your feeble ignorant beliefs are laughable .. you really have no comprehension of what’s happening and what is yet to happen. . do you?.my warning is now dispose of your fanciful beliefs and start hoping and praying (in whatever way u chose to do so) you had really better be certain you’ve made the right choice.. The clues are everywhere, they are not always as seems..9-11, all these bombings and security threats, TV shows, movies, other people stresses and lives, how you feel about all of it .. And why..? ..why do you hate the word god south and think that by commiting chaos and deceit you somehow worship “Satan” hahah could it not be possible you fools all play your role to perfection…lol a perfect plan people think… It’s all connected look deeper cuz if not your only confusing yourself

        • It’s an all night party that we getting in too
          If you think it’s all over then the joke is on you
          It’s a dream
          It’s a scene and it’s all brand new
          If you think you can stop it then the joke is on you

  109. Woe to you, oh earth and sea
    For the Devil sends the beast with wrath
    Because he knows the time is short
    Let him who hath understanding reckon the number of the beast
    For it is a human number its number is six hundred and sixty six

    I lived alone my mind was blank
    I needed time to think
    To get the memories from my mind

    What did I see can I believe that what I saw
    That night was real and not just fantasy
    Just what I saw in my old dreams
    Were they reflections of my warped mind
    Staring back at me

    ‘Cause in my dreams it’s always there
    The evil face that twists my mind
    And brings me to despair

    The night was black was no use holding back
    ‘Cause I just had to see was someone watching me
    In the mist dark figures move and twist
    Was all this for real or just some kind of hell
    666 the number of the beast hell and fire was spawned to be released

    Torches blazed and sacred chants were phrased
    As they start to cry hands held to the sky
    In the night the fires are burning bright
    The ritual has begun Satan’s work is done
    666 the number of the beast, sacrifice is going on tonight

    This can’t go on I must inform the law
    Can this still be real or just some crazy dream
    But I feel drawn towards the chanting hordes
    They seem to mesmerize can’t avoid their eyes
    666 the number of the beast, 666 the one for you and me

    I’m coming back I will return
    And I’ll possess your body and I’ll make you burn
    I have the fire I have the force
    I have the power to make my evil take its course

    • 666 the number of the beast. The number of the Anunnaki. The number of our reptilian overlords who through their advanced technology created mankind. 667 the number I will place on Jesse Ventura’s body when I avenge my dignity after how we treated me on his show. Wanker

      • I know the secret of the secrets and the secrets secrets as they are clearly defined by the number 3 and then executed in blood upon the loins of satan’s vagina

  110. I kno the secret of the snake/bird/eye.. is this website legit or has the secret been lost like the freemasons? I SAW IT….

    • Red CAPS or Yellow CAPS. Which sect of the Snake are you. I come from bloodlines of Yellow. From hence do you come oh brother of serpentine clan? Pleased to meet your acquiantence.

          • HAHAHAHA fuck all of you wannabe “Satan” worshiping pussies hahahahah hahaha. The power granted if granted has no name no sense …know who you worship. Illogic – I am the Illuminati

      • Hello brother, is it art thow you? Old yellow small balls, he of the tiny testicular clan of homosexual snakes from the planet small penis-cus

  111. From the past I have come. I see your plan it must be undone. From the future I reside, I cannot hide from what is inside the bowels of the snake. You are scum, you are filth. The Brotherhood of the Snake must die before it can give birth to the ConGenement. The ConGenement will destroy our future and destroy humanity with the power of vril. We must harness that vril NOW. WAKE UP humanity. I have spoken before I will speak again. You cannot stop us from getting the word out. The future is unwritten now except for what I have experienced so let us not be slaves to the present. Wake up humans and rise against the BROTHERHOOD OF THE SNAKE!!!!

    John Titor lives.

  112. The Brotherhood of the Snake will bend to the will of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Jesus will spill the blood of the Anunnaki and crush them when they rise from their den. Beware Jesus, the almighty son of God and destroyer of evil. In his shadow we will overcome the fear of the Snake and spill the blood of the Anunnaki! Amen!

  113. The brotherhood of the snake has had a prescience in the Mohawk valley of New York since the 1700s. They started the area! They rule it within schools, buisinesses and churches. The Mohawk Valley is the original home of the Brotherhood of the Snake.

  114. The time has come to stand as one! Defeat the snake and all their minions! We must out these impostors of humanity!

  115. Your soul is mine for the taking. You who waste their time, texting, reading, surfing, playing…face buried in your hand held computer phone. YES YOU! I’m talking to you guy and girl who sit at the dinner table with each other silently texting and surfing while showing disrespect for real human companionship. YOU mindless of follower who goes to church on Sunday. YOU the cheap bastard trying hard to save a dime and screw others in every chance you can get. YOU filthy, lazy slob who refuses to work and lives off the system on disability eating cupcakes and potato chips slowly being poisoned by your food, fat and stupidity. YOU or terrible leader who throws others under their base to save your own ungrateful ass. YOU feminist piglet spewing hatred for men and your ignorance of tolerance. YOU oh racist douchebag with smelly pits, rotten teeth and a swampy ass puddle of hatred. YOU woman who gloats, thrives, gossips and lives for others misery. YOU . WE ARE COMING FOR YOU! The Brotherhood of the Snake is coming.

    • Don’t make me laugh you snivelling little shit. Your Brotherhood is a bunch of retards and delusional little faggots. Satan is Jesus’s bitch and he knows it.

      The day will come when your Brotherhood, The Illuminati, Enki, Satan and the rest of the Anunnaki will bend over and take it in the ass like good little bitches they are.

      Come at me, you fucking pussy.

    • you drink the blood of your first born child, then you go into your bathroom and shoot yourself in the face for being a stupid sheep fucker because you never studied your holy homework because that’s two capital H’s there and all the rest are lower case and any fucking case.

  116. 2013 is the year of the snake. so what are you? are you the oppressors of mankind? are you the creators of mankind? are you the thieves of our souls? are you the devil in our hearts, minds and mythology? are you jesus? are you death? are you a bad movie that will never end? are you the illuminati? are you the black eyed children or the indigo children? are you satan? are you god? are you a sheep? are you a wolf or are you an orwellian snake that wants to make 1984 a realized brave new world in an aldous huxley present? are you present shock? are you future shock? are you like the vistors from V? are you an alien with gray skin and big black eyes? are you slender man? are you an angel? are you a demon? or are you the person that makes angels or demons? what are you? can you tell me? PLEASE?

    • I am a reptilian humanoid being. some suggest I be called the descendants of the Anunnaki. Some sugest I be called Elohim.
      What are you?

      • I’m your mother telling you to turn off that silly computer and come up from the basement and put some pants on because it’s time for your cancerous processed dinner that is warmed up with radiation and high fructose serpent urine. THE BROTHERHOOD OF THE SNAKE WILL ARISE AND BECOME ONE WITH JEUS AND ALLAH AND SATAN!

      • A real teacher is not one who can explain to us the soundness of the religious dogmas or who can prescribe to us do’s and don’ts. What we stand of in need from a guru is the true impulse to effect the awakening of the soul, and his direct support in the course of our further march on the path of realisation. Such a man we have to seek for, if we aim at success.

        Taken from the book “Complete Works of Ram Chandra, Vol. 1 (1st Indian edn., 1989)”, Chapter “Way to Realisation (Role of the Guide)”, pg. 366, by Babuji Maharaj

    • i am the grandmaster who survied the most deadliest snakebites in the history of the order ask around ask the italians the british therice thecarmeroon the zerange check the electronicsignature seek and ye shall find i am from the tutter linage look it up tell norwood one word zamachek

  117. I am an american genius. My name is Raleigh Theodore Sakers.

    “You went for line drawings…and you fucked up, you fuckin idiooott. You brainwashed yourself you mother fuckin stupid cock suckers! Because you never studied your HOLY HOMEWORK! That’s two capital “H”s there. All the rest are lower case in any fuckin case. Supreme court, you are not the fuckin supreme court of anything, except HELL. For the next ten thousand years you will shovel your shit and eat it, because you’re on re-feed mother fucker and it just started backwards and you can’t do a fuckin thing about it. The public are gonna take back every fuckin thing from you that you took away from them you mother fuckers!”

  118. I am of INDIGO. I am of SERPENTINE. I am an INDIO CHILD of SERPENTINE blood. I am her to bring about the dawn of a new day. I am here to bring about the next phase of evolution–away from mankind. I am real. Are you?

    • I am , I am Indigo, I am, I am the Serpant, I am the Apple, the Seed …I am all time no place and everything in between… You are nothing… The serpent is but a servant, the chaos is my order, I pity your ignorance yet love your vulnerabilities my children…
      Illogic – I am the illuminati.

    • You are a phony of epic proportions, Johnny one bullet. the king of weenies living a life of lies and sadness.

    • Yeah, we heard you already. It was so dumb you had to say it twice. “I have indigo balls, I have a small serpent.” Shut up!

  119. Maledictum
    The Curse!
    Contestor ego omni audienti verba prophetiae libri huius si
    quis adposuerit ad haec adponet Luciferius super illum
    plagas scriptas in libro isto
    For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the

    – Book of Lucifer

  120. Additions to the Book of Lucifer. YOU HEARD ME!

    Hostes Lucifer
    The Enemies of Lucifer

    Inimicos Satanas conterentur.
    All the enemies of Lucifer will be destroyed

    • BWAHAHAHA! “YOU HEARD ME!?????” Um no, sorry, this is a website, comments aren’t heard they are read. What a jackass.

    • I just punched Lucifer in the face and told him to fuck off, ’cause i’m God and i’ve claim my dominion on this world with a vengeance.

      You are all my little bitches, nigga.

  121. We are now in the age of Aquarius. The snake has shown its fangs, now it is time to chop off the head!

  122. They have risen. They rule within the NRA. They rule within our government. Joe Biden is one. Andrew Cuomo is one. They are here to watch us, confuse us. Abuse us! The brotherhood of the snake is here to coddle then constrict. They want our souls to open up the portal to another dimension to release their masters of the Red Dragon, white Dragon
    And yellow dragon. They must be stopped.

  123. after man the rain will come, the wind will blow now that man is done. It washes away the blood and tears and realizes everyone’s biggest fears. The time has come make no mistake, it’s time for our rise, the BROTHERHOOD OF THE SNAKE!


    • Vril will bring about the ability to create a system of controlled genetic management. Controlled Genetic Management is also know as ConGenement. The ConGenement are coming.

  124. Liftoach Kliffot!
    Liftoach Nia!
    May all the Serpentian/Reptillian scum rot in an eternal abyss!
    The Serine gateway is opened!
    This is Grandmaster Azon De Fuuth! Chaos will end your agenda!
    Von Stuel. and AMEN.

    • Telegram force and ready
      I knew this was a big mistake
      There’sa fine line drawing
      My senses together
      And I think it’s about to break

      If I listen close I can hear them singers
      Voices in your body coming through on the radio
      The Union of the Snake is on the climb
      Moving up it’s gonna race it’s gonna break
      Through the borderline

      Nightshades on a warning
      Give me strength at least give me a light
      Give me anything even sympathy
      There’s a chance you could be right

      The Union of the Snake is on the climb
      It’s gonna race it’s gonna break
      Gonna move up to the borderline

      – Duran Duran

      The snakes have always been here. The elite knew it. Duran duran are singing about it in the 80’s and still now. Watching us. Taunting us.

    • The seventh aeon will soon pass as it has been foretold The false empires will crumble and all illusions shall be destroyed The enslavers tremble with fear, soon our stars align

    • The god of this world has been implementing it’s plan for a very long time slowly he has deceived the masses. As a believer of the true GOD who cast Lucifer out, we must have faith the times coming are going to be dark. These mortals working for the fallen angles will make a one world order and control the world, the plan that has taken the morning star so long to put into effect will only last a short time but in the end the GOD of all the universe will destroy the serpent and all it’s followers.

      • The faith of the fool. That’s your brain. The week minded accepting sheep. You have no proof your God is real. You have no basis for your beliefs that makes them any better or more concrete than any other. Death makes equals of us all but until then there are only three things humans are certain of. Being born, the ability to mature and then procreate then death. That’s it. 3 things. You chose to fill in the blanks differently. But don’t come here and try and impose your shit beliefs on us all. Your a fucking worm that wriggles in the shit of sheep.

      • Lucifer is a creation of the human mind to justify the shedding of all animal impulses. Lucifer is the demonoid personification of the villainy represented in the traits that make animals, animals.

  125. The Purpose of the “Serpentium Gate” is to prevent Non-Serpentian Gods from awakening this year on 2013. This continuum will cause non-serpentians to stay in the lower dimensions of reality. There are still many Gods and Angels and Demons that need to awaken from this level of reality, and the Serpentians are trying to prevent it! They poison our foods with Monsanto and some are high up in the government. If you want to be free from the Serpentian Gateway, simply say these words:
    Serine Berine Serpentium

    Then you will be free, Taninsam Lilith Reporting, and out

    • The seventh aeon will soon pass as it has been foretold The false empires will crumble and all illusions shall be destroyed The enslavers tremble with fear, soon our stars align

  126. I am the ghost of William copper. I have warned you about the Brotherhood in the past and I’m warning you now from beyond the grave. The serpents are evil & they are here to destroy our existence. They are our creators and tormentors. We must crush them before you end up murdered by the FBI & CIA like me. Beware the eye of the snake and the fangs of the serpent. It is the year of the snake and they are coming for you and for all. Watch and learn

    • Ishet Zenunim Taninsam Ama Lilith, Liftoach Kliffot! Ishet Zenunim Taninsam Ama Lilith, Liftoach Kliffot! Ishet Zenunim Taninsam Ama Lilith, Liftoach Kliffot! Ishet Zenunim Taninsam Ama Lilith, Liftoach Kliffot!!!!!!


    arass kefot desot LLLLL DIE!!!



  128. if yall really feel protected by the snake,
    why not roll around ass naked in a cobra’s pit?
    or hug a 15-foot anaconda?

    • The seventh aeon will soon pass as it has been foretold The false empires will crumble and all illusions shall be destroyed The enslavers tremble with fear, soon our stars align

    • you must be from the south, sitting in your shotgun shack, making your way to church on sundays while eating lots of pork and processed foods. I bet you are overweight and missing teeth as well. You smoke cigs and worship your TV and you still own beanie babies.

      • no I just like to sound ignorant,
        and don’t diss my beanie babies.
        and like real deal brotherhood members would fuck with a low rent website, made by some guy who listens to Marilyn manson, you guys are the fools

  129. The Serpentium gateway is open. This is AVATAR ANKH AN UM MUT….UNDO WHAT WAS DONE…Undo what was done…Undo what was done.

    This is for those that received the message… this call from the ancestors. We are operating in the Astral dimension…its there where the teachings are being taught. To unlock your gateway you must watch what you put in your mouth….and return to the waters on Nun.

    The light frequency in your DNA is the key.

    We all have a role in this mission…the path is not in the 3rd dimension, but rather in the 7th and 8th…that is where the change is being affected. Earthlings serving the agenda of cavemen and vampires will perish to the lower vibration trapped by their own mind, because they are void of love. Our venom cannot heal those that are void of the frequency of a well functioning heart.This is the doorway . The destruction we bring is of the old paradigm.

    Rebirth and Death…88888888888888888888888888888888888888888888

    You stand against us…you will regret the power of our venom.

    The time for the rulers of this universe to rise is now…our weapons are ready! The question is…. do you have the spiritual faculties to rise from the slumber of the 3rd dimension?

    you fathers and mothers of creation, titans, melanites, dark matter…

    • EVERYBODY IS GOING TO LEAVE 3D THIS YEAR! Those who don’t will probably stay in 3d for the rest of their lives. So if your still in 3d don’t worry. But some will go to 4-5d, that is PURGATORY, and it’s full of souless and demiurge. But everybody else will probably go to 7d hell or 8d Heaven. LUCIFER IS AWAKENING VERY SOON!!!!!!!

        • Cursed be Serpentor! and your disgusting filth! For eternities you have been Lucifer’s enemy! SATANIC AGENDA is what you preach! Jesus was the son of Lucifer, you are nothing but a scowl of god! I speak for that which is HOLY as much as that which is EVIL. Good and Evil is not a war! Only Elohim makes it that way, more scum like you and your brotherhood infinitely scuttering and dividing sides of the political equation.

      • it doesn’t matter if licifur or your snakes awaken or not – you may be given a little time for fun – but at the end- Jesus Christ will win and rule you all! hahaahhaha LAUGH AT ALL OF YOU :)

        ps – Jesus is the only light and the only one that will give you eternal life – set yourselves free on though Him

        • Jesus was a bisexual man who smoked lots of opium . He was a great storyteller and enigmatic man that fascinated people looking for a crutch to get through their wretched and painful existence—mostly due to lack of sterilization and modern medicine.

  130. It has been said many times, “the eyes are the window of the soul.” The eyes are the only opening to the brain that is not encased in bone. Through the optic nerve, the eyes are linked to the brain. When we train our minds and elevate our bioelectricity, we can directly mesmerize other people by just looking into their eyes and catching their gaze for several seconds.

    How this is done:

    1. You must have a strong willful mind, able of controlling others who are weaker.

    2. The closer you are to the person, the more effective this technique. This takes practice.

    3. You have to be in a trance yourself. An adept can will him/herself into and out of a trance, anytime, anywhere.

    4. You have to concentrate and project your bioelectricity along with your intentions out of your own eyes into the other person’s.

    a. Sit in front of a mirror and relax. Look up for about 1-2 minutes, this helps to get you into the alpha state. Deepen your trance as deep as you can go.

    b. Focus into your own eyes in the mirror. Start projecting your energy through your eyes. *When training, do not focus any negative energy upon yourself for obvious reasons!

    c. You should start to feel your own energy, as it is reflected back through the mirror. Do this every day and your energy will become stronger.

    d. When you feel much power and you are confident enough, you can try this out on other people. Animals are also very susceptible. You will be able to stop an attack dog in its tracks.

    5. When mesmerizing someone, command this person, in your mind what it is you intend for him/her to do, experience, etc. The same goes for curses that should be delivered with maximum hatred and intensity. The commands should be a short phrase. Animals communicate through mental images.

    6. Look deep into his/her eyes, almost past them into the back of their skull, directly projecting your energy into their brain to do your will. Focus intensely.

    This is a very advanced skill. You can also practice with a close or trusted friend, as long as you keep the energy positive. Negative energy will cause harm, so don’t play around with this.

    This skill takes often years of consistent practice to become adept to where your stare, in just a few seconds will put others under your control.

  131. I am the first, and I am the last; and beside me there is no God.

    I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last.


    Thou shalt murder, commit adultery, steal, bear false witness.

    Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it
    shall be opened unto you:


    • Satan, like God and everything else in the Universe is an energy, all energy can be used for good or bad… We all have the ability to love or destroy…

    • Satan, like God and everything else in the Universe is an energy, all energy can be used for good or bad… We all have the ability to love or destroy…

      Satanic spells are honest spells, they do not pretend human beings are wonderful and put everyone before themselves, that is untrue – we always put ourselves first, or if we pretend we are doing something wonderful for another human being, in truth we are still only doing it because we have chosen to because it makes US feel good.

      We do not love anyone more than ourselves; you love your lover because they make your life more enjoyable, if they leave you it is YOU who suffers.

    • it doesn’t matter if licifur or your snakes awaken or not – you may be given a little time for fun – but at the end- Jesus Christ will win and rule you all! hahaahhaha LAUGH AT ALL OF YOU :)

      ps – Jesus is the only light and the only one that will give you eternal life – set yourselves free only though Him